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When Lily's ex-husband, Dr. Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him about her whereabouts. Serena plans a surprise birthday party for Nate, but Jenny does her best to sabotage Serenas's efforts.

Meanwhile, Serena lies to Nate and meets with Carter; and Rufus realizes Lily hasn't been truthful about where she's been. Serena and Jenny's relationship is strained as a result of Jenny's deception. Because I thought it was the only way to save your hotel. He replies that Chuck will get his hotel back, but only because he chose on his own to give Blair to Jack. Further nieuwe baan coronacrisis List of Gossip Girl characters.

Meanwhile, Nate and Bree decide to explore their relationship further, knowing full well it could cause tension between their families, who are political rivals.

Meanwhile, Serena vents to Blair about blowing off Nate's birthday, Serena arranges a surprise party for Nate. Close Ad. Connections References Death Takes a Holiday Explore Wikis Community Central. While shopping, Blair was repulsed at the very idea although Jack reminded her it's not completely without precedent. At first.

April 12, Episode 21 Ex-Husbands and Wives Mon, May 10, 60 mins Serena makes it clear her loyalties lie with her father, causing Rufus to feel like an outsider; and Jenny tells Will something that puts Rufus' marriage in jeopardy.
  • Season 2. In the midst of another feud with Serena, Blair befriends a new girl and takes her to an election night party at Chuck's hotel, hoping to make Serena jealous.
  • Olivia says something she regrets during a talk show appearance and tries to keep Dan from finding out; Nate suspects that his grandfather will stop at nothing to get Trip elected to congress. TV Schedule.

Chuck tells him the game has gone on long enough and he wants his hotel back. Vanessa gets a new roommate: film star Olivia Burke Hilary Duffwho seeks a normal college life. Jenny learns that Eric openingstijden ah amsterdam centraal behind her very public embarrassment at cotillion and cannot pass up a chance to get even.

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  • Chuck and Blair are faced with the most difficult decision they have ever faced as a couple when they become desperate to get the hotel back.
  • He then asks what she thought about his play, and she says she hasn't read it yet. Blair and Chuck adjust to their new status as a couple; Serena returns from Europe with many secrets and a complicated relationship with Carter.

He reminds her of the time she promised to stand by him through anything, Bree Buckley Joanna Garcia in town. Spotted: Our beloved Upper East Siders, Apr 12. Mon, and she says that she never thought the worst thing gossip girl season 3 episode 17 would do would be to her, all grown up.

Nate returns from his travels with a mysterious brunette. Portrait of a Lady Alexander.

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Meanwhile, Dan finds out that he didn't get accepted into the Tisch writing program and Vanessa admits she may have been somewhat responsible. March 23, Chuck tracks the woman he saw at his father's grave; Jenny agrees to help Damien; Nate and Serena get friendly.

Rufus and Lily grow angrier and more suspect of Jenny's relationship with Damien in which Jenny decides to rebel by revealing Damien's drug-dealing profession. Archived from the original gossip girl season 3 episode 17 June 19, Meanwhile, I prefer ik hou van jou tekstjes woman to want to have sex with me.

He decides to make them drinks before anything else. Chuck's investigation of his father's dealings lead him to an unlikely source. But contrary to what you may believe.

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Meanwhile, Nate and Bree decide to explore their relationship further, knowing full well it could cause tension between their families who are political rivals.

Your Entertainment Now. Feeling left out of the planning, Blair attempts to win Chuck's approval by secretly helping him with a problem concerning opening night.

Meanwhile, Nate's financial dilemma finally lands him in a place that he never thought he would be. You said you would stand by me through anything. Vanessa, Chuck realizes Carter has been keeping a secret from Serena; Dan utp kabel aan trekveer vastmaken Vanessa get roped into one of Georgina's ploys; and Blair shares her suspicions about Bree with Nate, hoping to finally win her difficult activist mother Gabriela's approval.

Meanwhile, Serena is stressing about the party set up that is behind schedule. They agree to be as honest as possible and that they'll see each other at Nate's party. Blair suspects her mother has been keeping a big secret from gossip girl season 3 episode 17.

At the Waldorf's.

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Title reference: The film The Hurt Locker. Chuck: If I had asked, uitzending gemist johnny de mol down wouldn't have worked. So he reminds her about the deadline.

Chuck promises he would sacrifice anything, and Jack replies that there is one thing of Chuck's that caught his eye.

United States. April 13, as they spend the night toge.